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Welcome to Davenport Electrical Contractors, Inc. We are the premier providers of Commercial Electrical Contracting Services. Our goal is to provide you the very best in commercial electrical contracting for your new construction project.  This is why we specialize in this focused area.

Our quality control standards are high. Our journeyman electricians are among the best in the commercial electrical business. Our goal is always to deliver best value at the most competitive price on schedule. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. 

Bonded and Insured

Licensed in WA, OR, ID, VA, WV.

We offer the following services: 

New construction, commercial electrical materials and installation to maximum code standards at competitive bid. 

DECI has the expertise in the following types of projects:

Industrial--Printing press operations/maintenance, oil refinery design/build process controls, co-generation facilities with DDC controls & telemetry, Boeing industrial waste reclamation, Talgo Trains maintenance shops--(Amtrak), taxiway lighting SeaTac Airport, Simpson products--(pulp & plywood mills), McKee Baking Co.--(baking & bulk storage facilities with solid-state controls--SEMCO).

Commercial--Banks, grocery stores--(Fred Myers, Albertsons, Safeway, Top Foods, Food Pavilion, Red Apple, etc) retail--(JCPenny, Mervyn's, Sears, Great NW Factory Stores, Wal*Mart Stores--(12 of them), Home Deopt, etc.) restaurants, TI work, strip-mall work, 5-story lift-slab for Surgard Storage.

Institutional--Issaquah School District, Riverview School Dist., Seattle School Dist., Kent School Dist., Aberdeen School Dist., hospitals, nursing homes & retirement centers--(assisted living).

Public Utility--Bonnevile Power--(Grand Coulee Dam), Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish Co. PUD, Tanner Electric Mutual Power, Big Bend REC, Elmhurst Mutal Power, Appalacian Power Co.

Goverment--US Navy--(shoreline power @ Honolulu, HI), Overlake Post Office--(Bellevue, WA), jail renovation work--(updating controls), monorail station at Westlake Center, $ 500M Bus Tunnel--(Seattle Metro), Port of Seattle Terminal 28--(crane rail facility upgrades).

DECI provides for regional maintenance agreements both with the Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-up company operations. We are available 24 hrs. a day--(as needed). We offer consulting engineering services, engineered lighting & lighting maintenance--(retro-fit & new design), design/build services--(engineers "stamp" available for architectual drawings--in-house Auto Cad services).

DECI has continued a low-voltage controls group to handle the growing customer requests for CAT5e, LAN's, computer networks, custom telephone installations, TV cable--(both dish and satelite systems), custom Fire Alarm installs--(certified by "Class 1 UL Stations"--also with available monthly monitoring). An engineering support "focal point" was initiated to facilitate the teamwork concept between the "in-house" and sub-contracted systems--(such as fire alarm, intercom, generator, & EMS systems)--which are often "national-accounted" vendors requested by owners and architects. This gives a strong position of "accountability" and comfort to the client for providing such technical expertise and improved job performances--(not to mention ease of maintenance after the job is completed).

DECI guarantees ALL our work--(both parts & labor)--to be free from defects for one year. Longer warranties are available--(from lighting manufacturers, etc.) We do NOT warrant lamps, bulbs or LED displays--(as these have "short life" levels from the day of manufacture; and are "shaken" long the route of delivery to the jobsite).

For more information or to schedule a consultation and job estimate, please contact us via email at

You may also call us at 425-337-9174 from [8:00am - 5:00pm M-F]. 

We look forward to serving you.

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